Thinking Partnerships is a specialist coaching consultancy. We work with ambitious start-ups, giving focus to business planning and driving key priorities to make the greatest difference.   We also work with leaders in large businesses to help them innovate and be more entrepreneurial. 

Thinking Partnerships was founded by Bridget Connell. Bridget has a commercial background of more than 20 years, holding senior leadership roles with responsibility for quickly bringing disruptive technology to market and leading large, complex teams. She is an experienced business and leadership coach.    

Bridget works closely with start-ups, accelerators and entrepreneurs.  She is also an Angel Investor and Board Advisor.  Her experience positions her uniquely to understand and address the challenges facing leaders and entrepreneurs.

In a world where innovation is key to success, there are opportunities for start-ups and large businesses to learn from each other. Thinking Partnerships can help you to connect.

What We Do

Coaching. Consulting. Connecting.



We provide individual and team coaching.  We ask the questions you are reluctant to ask yourself or your team.  Thinking Partnerships works to get under the skin of your business, viewing it – or you -through industry, stakeholder, investor and people lenses.  The coaching sessions are the opportunity to take time out, to stop, to think, to evolve. 


Thinking Partnerships provides consultancy services for early to mid-stage companies.   We provide insight into what investors look for, and we advise on team dynamics in pressured environments.  Recent examples range from facilitating the development of a 3 year business plan, to providing individual and team personal profiles for recruitment and team building.


Advice, time and resources are typically in short supply in fledgling businesses.  Thinking Partnerships can help make the best of what is available by connecting early entrepreneurs to individuals who have trodden a similar path, who offer alternative perspectives and advice.




Leadership is lonely. Thinking Partnerships specialises in working with leaders and innovators in large organisations to become more entrepreneurial and to deliver greater impact.  We are quick to understand organisational context and can provide a healthy mix of support and challenge.

Examples of recent assignments:

  • Coaching for leaders responsible for driving change & innovation 
  • Coaching for high potential talent to challenge them to excel and make significant business impact 
  • Coaching for women in leadership and women returners
  • Coaching skills for line managers and developing coaching cultures in organisation



Starting your own business can be challenging and lonely. Thinking Partnerships works side-by-side with you to develop and challenge your business ideas, to become investment ready, and to scale.  

We provide an independent, experienced, fresh pair of eyes that will look at your business through the lens of both a coach and an investor.  In a world of noise and distraction, we will help identify the key areas for growth and then help you stay on track to deliver.

Examples of recent assignments:

  • Business plan review and re-plan to reflect local currency devaluation, identifying the areas to focus on that deliver the most impact.
  • Creating individual and team personal profiles to support recruitment and team building.
  • Setting up the governance and reporting for running a board.



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